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Steel Construction

GHM deals with the projecting, production and assembly of all different industrial constructions according to customer requirements such as factories, various warehouses, sports halls, wedding halls, emergency stairs, railing, etc. We also do the assembly of sandwich panels, the cladding of objects with sheet metal, etc.

Quality and safety

Compared to traditional concrete buildings, metal structures are a new structure built entirely of metal and insulated with state-of-the-art sandwich panels.

Construction with metal structure offers affordable, sustainable and low-cost maintenance solutions for workshops, commercial buildings, large factories, stadiums, warehouse buildings, agricultural buildings, etc.

Our metal structures are durable and can withstand strong winds and possible earthquakes.

Professional experience

Our company with a professional and experienced staff offers the highest quality and fast services in the construction and assembly of buildings with metal construction.

The metal structure is installed quickly and the construction time is short. All steel components are machined in the workshop, cut, welded by robotic system, drilled, dyed and delivered to the project site for installation. So at the place of installation no environmental pollution is caused.

Preparing and assembling objects with metal construction is easier and faster to complete.

Benefits from Steel Construction​

Fast Construction

The most important advantage of the steel buildings is that all the components are prefabricated at the factory and installed on the site.​

Antiseismic Performance​

Steel Construction is a flexible and lightweight structure and can effectively reduce seismic respond and other consequences. ​

Easy to move​

Once the owner is dissatisfied with the site or unexpected changes in the external enjoinment, the entire steel structure building can be dismantled in the short period of time with minimal loss.​

Wide Range​

Steel construction can be applied in workshops, warehouses, offices, stadiums, etc. Are suitable for buildings with one flor with large space, can also be used for many multi-storey buildings.​

Fast and simple construction ​

All parts are prefabricated in the factory and then only simple assembly is applied which significantly shortens the construction time.​

Reasonable Costs​

Objects from steel structure have light weight with low production cost and the whole project can be completed and put into assembly in a very short time, the economic benefit is much better than the construction of the structure from concrete.​